Everyone is looking for it and I found it on a day's stroll!

Winning with the Trompowsky has become something every book hunter treasures close to his chest.
Grand forums and sleepless hunters have been trying to find one with a locate-steady-charge attitude. 
Internet prices are vaguely found if you're willing to pay no less than a few hundred dollars. What?? Are you having a laugh?? Nay! No fake smiles, it's not funny!

So I was looking over the many shelves of chess book at the London Chess Centre and nonchalantly asked the clerk about it. 

"Oh, yes. We just happened to find an old box with a few copies" He said without so much as a sigh or a smile.

"Gulp gulp.... sheezee weezeee What!?" I said.

"You are going to sell me one right!!?" I demanded.
"For cheap" I added with a smile.

* Now, the people at the LCC are no fools, they KNOW of the book true market value but to quote the tall clerk: "Oh, no, we're not like that. We'll sell it to you for cheap".

"Nyam Nyam" I murmured.

They had to bring the box from the previous store's location. so I gave them my mobile phone number and awaited the call.
The next day I got the call telling me I have a saved copy at the main store.

"For how much" I asked.

"Oh, for eight pounds" He said.

Yamma hamma!


The book, with the receipt to prove it. 
Sometimes this world is just odd!

Moral of the story: Good people do exist and if you want to find them... look inside book stores.

The End!