New Main Page!

I just created a new page completely devoted to games viewed via PGN viewer.
Some of these games will be annotated but most will not.
It is my intent that only games against really strong opposition will get posted on that specific page but it may be the case that very interesting games will also find their way onto the "Game Viewer" page.

Currently I have posted all my games against the player Diduk (11 games presently) since so many people asked me to do so or expressed their fancy and appreciation for them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those quality people who read my Blog, hopefully I have managed to impart some wisdom and make it enjoyable as I intend to do so with greater success in the future.

Don't stop here many fascinating posts are still to come!

PS- I'm still working on my long "Strategic concepts" post. it will (in all likelihood) take a few more months till I publish it!

Good chess to every one!

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