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History of Chess
c500 CE Chaturanga, earliest chess precursor, created in the Punjab. The Queen (or counsellor) could only move one square diagonally and the Bishop could only move two squares diagonally. The rook was called "Chariot", the Bishop was called "Elephant" and the Knight was called "Horse".
c. 600 Chaturanga reaches Persia.
c. 612 Chess reaches Europe
c. 800 Chess reaches Italy
c.820 Chess reaches Russia
c. 1000 Chess widely known throughout Europe.
1013 Chess arrives in England
1400's Queen and Bishop changed to move like they do now currently
1500's En passentadded to Pawn move, and Castling introduced. The first version of castling was two moves. Castling was changed to one move in 1561.
1886 First World Chess Championship Match. Steinitz is crowned the first World Chess Champion.

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